jill e. lee, iir certified reflexologist

Come explore paths to wellness, healing and stress relief,  through professional, IIR certified reflexology, personalized adaptive yoga, workshops and private coaching. Each of us comes to be, with a unique chemistry and history; where one person finds strength, healing and relief, may not be another's. Through Jill's skilled and personalized attention, each individual is offered the tools to find the healer within. Discover your own path to wellness, and know you never have to walk it alone!

About Jill Lee

Jill Lee, has been in full time private practice since 2001, but ask her and she'll tell you her partners are her clients. 'Every person that comes to the office is a teacher and offers something vitally important to the growth and energy of this practice; it's about community not an individual.'

Jill's journey was inspired by her own ill health when she was in her twenties. Uncomfortable and frustrated with the options presented by her doctors, she began to seek out alternative care. Through combined natural healing arts, she re-discovered wellness and awareness. "We all have the power to heal. Our bodies are constantly communicating with us - the key is to learn how to listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us!"

A New York native, Jill has lived in Frederick County for over 24 years and is a second generation Reflexologist. She is certified through The International Institute of Reflexology, a member of RAA, and a two term board member for The Middletown Business Association. She began teaching 'Start Where You Are! Gentle Stretch Yoga' in 2006, based on the adaptive style of her teacher, nationally known, Peggy Cappy. Her practice draws clients from suburban Maryland, Baltimore, D.C., Northern VA and Pennsylvania. Jill offers workshops on a variety of topics in the local area.
Whether you are a current client or just interested in learning a bit more about reflexology, I'm glad you've stopped by!  At a time when so many are experiencing increased stress, it is so important to care for your most valuable asset...YOU!  Stress has such a direct link to our mental, physical and emotional well being that it is vital to create the time for going within and letting go.
Please feel free to call me for more information or to book your private session and join the many that have already experienced great stress relief and improved wellness through Reflexology and healing techniques offered through the centered sole"

‘I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within. It is there all the time”
Anna Freud

'Be the change you wish to see in the world' ~ Gandhi

Jill will soon be accepting clients in Naples, Fla! Call For More Information! 301.305.6454